About Linddesign

LINDdesign was founded in 1994 by Gareth Lind. The firm excels in print and web design services for a wide range of clients, focusing on cultural and environmental organizations, books and the public sector. With an emphasis on typographic excellence and editorial clarity, Lind cuts through the clutter to deliver messages with stylish impact.

With over 20 years of design experience, Lind can also craft headlines and slogans that add punch and humour. He has written copy for the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ampersand Printing and the River Run Centre. "Good design includes good writing," Lind says. "If form is built around poorly written content, it falters."

Passionate about environmental issues long before green became a cliché, Lind offers advice to clients on printing with the minimum possible negative impact.

What's with the hand?

Successful design seamlessly merges thought and execution, style and function. Mastery of a craft starts with the hand. Lind considered Left-hand Graphics as an alternative business name but opted against it because of the negative connotations -- from "two left hands" on down to "sinister." Still, his dominant hand is the left one. Growing up in a world that favours righthandedness accounts in part for the offbeat point-of-view he brings to his work.

Where's the degree?

Gareth Lind never had time to get one -- he hit the drafting table running. A self-taught cartoonist, Lind has always been a quick learner. At 17, his movie-ad satires were printed regularly in Festival, a Toronto reperatory cinema guide. Using pen and rub-down Letraset, he gave these spoofs detail and authenticity.

This didn't pass without notice. Rosanne Baker-Thornley hired Lind to apprentice with her fledgling design firm, Bakersmith Graphics. There he learned everything from computer typesetting to laying out pages for print using blue guides, hot wax and hand-drawn keylines. "I value the fact that I was able to catch the tail-end paste-up," says Lind. "This important knowhow still forms the skeleton of design today."

In 1988, cartooning again opened a design door. A meeting to present a comic strip concept led to Lind being hired as art director of the Toronto weekly Metropolis. (His comic strip was accepted too.) There, designing a tabloid on Mac SEs with nine-inch screens -- not unlike painting a landscape through a pinhole -- Lind entered the computer age.

In 1990, he joined his wife Christel Herick in Düsseldof, Germany, where he learned German, worked at a design firm and then freelanced. In 1993 he and Herick resettled in Guelph. He started LINDdesign and launched a weekly comic strip, Weltschmerz, which ran in Ontario papers from 1994 to 2008.

In 1996, he became a member of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, the first graphic designers association in North America to be accredited by government.


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Contact Linddesign

Gareth Lind, RGD

[email protected]

123 Woolwich Street
First Floor
Guelph, Ontario N1H 3V1


Thomas Video

What makes this video store different from the now-defunct big box rentals and algorithm-powered online services is its personality. Lind suggested bringing back an old tag line, "Recommended by friends," and making that the cornerstone of the new identity. With 50s fonts, colours and forms, tragedy/comedy faces that also say "conversation," and classic movie theatre curtains, this logo conveys Thomas' warm, friendly vibe.