Protect Our Moraine

When a citizens’ group needed to be formed quickly to convince the City of Guelph to make the environment a greater priority in the development of the Clair-Maltby area (a part of the Paris-Galt moraine), they turned to Lind Design for branding assistance. They had to come out of the gate strong in order to rally support for a council meeting only three weeks away. And they had no name, no logo and no website. 


This postcard was produced to inform Guelph’s citizens about an upcoming council meeting. An unusual format (11 x 2.75") was used to stand out from all the other issues vying for attention.

The Clair-Maltby area will be Guelph’s largest urban expansion and could be home to 25,000 people. If this development is not planned properly, there will be negative changes to the water table, community livability and strength of the local economy.

I called upon Curt Hammond of Pearl Street Communications to help with the naming, messaging and branding and recruited Dean Palmer to take photographs of the threatened area. Once the name, Protect Our Moraine, was chosen, the logo was executed within a week. It uses type to illustrate the role of a moraine, showing a droplet of water dripping down from the R in “our,” seeping through the ground to accumulate in the rock systems below — an important resource for both a healthy ecosystem and healthy citizens.

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