Sol Beauty

The original name of this artisanal soapmaker was Sacred Circle Herbs, which pigeon-holed the company into the “granola” sector. The owner wanted to expand her market and was looking for a new name and new logo, along with product packaging.

I came up with Sol Beauty, with “sol” being a homonym for “soul” and “sole,” as well as evoking the positive associations with the sun. The O in SOL became a stylized sun with radiating, slightly spiraling lines to create dynamism. At the same time, the centred composition says “stability.” I chose orange, brown and lime green to reflect the natural colours of the product, which are always prominent in the packaging.

The font used for the wordmark is Exemplar, a 2006 sans serif that, according to its Swedish type designer, Göran Söderström, was created to be “traditional yet unconventional, a balanced combination that felt both old and new.” The curves in the letterforms reflect the curves in the sun and unify the composition. Friendly and modern, this font is used sparingly with Meta, a humanist sans-serif designed in 1991 by Erik Spiekermann to be the “complete antithesis of Helvetica.”

Crisp and clear, this logo is all about conveying a fresh, environmentally conscious approach to body care.


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