This project was a small-scale branding, with the graphic assets illustrated all on one sheet. I created a number of illustrations to use for decorative spacers, including one where the a plane’s contrails transform into trees. Our client was delighted. Logo and Graphic Assets

I worked on this fun project with Pearl Street Communications for a non-profit initiative by the Elora Environment Centre. They needed a logo for a new carbon-offset program that plants and maintains local trees to absorb the carbon that our flights put into the atmosphere. You can go to, input how many hours you are flying and make a donation to reduce your carbon footprint with new trees. (Thanks to Barking Dog for the website design and implementation.)

I used the lovely FF Good, a modern sans with American Gothic roots, designed by Warsaw-based Łukasz Dziedzic. Fortuitously, the three Ts in TreeTrust are evenly spaced, like trees on an allee. (Random gifts to designers like this are a joy!) Lowercase Ts looked more treelike, especially once I had slanted their horizontal bars to resemble branches. I added puffy circles behind each one for foliage.

Three dots also signify ellipses (or treelipses)—a nice metaphor for the sustainable civilization that trees can help make possible, given enough of them, although planting trees alone won’t be enough to avert the climate crisis (we need to quickly get off fossil fuels, and trees grow slowly).

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