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Circular geometry defines the simplified hands and creates a unified, symmetrical composition to convey calm and healing.

The Aromatherapist

The Aromatherapist is a Guelph-based small business that creates aromatherapy oils. They had used the same labels since 1993 and wanted a more contemporary logo. I gave the hands on a geometric makeover, setting up a system of concentric circles as the basis for the new, simplified forms.

It was a balancing act between geometry and naturalism. The proportions of the original logo were adjusted somewhat to adhere to a 4x4 grid. Naturally, with an organic form like a hand, this adherence couldn’t be too strict. Note how the form of the outer hands conforms to that of the main circle.

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The final logo is modular, with backgrounds and the colour of the droplet changing.

I developed a secondary colour palette for future product categorization and labeling. The background texture was created with an inexpensive stock pattern. The white logo can appear on photos, with the droplet always a solid colour.

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