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Lind Design has handled all aspects of Guelph Museums graphic design since I developed a logo system in 2015 to apply to all of the sites: Guelph Civic Museum, McCrae House and Locomotive 6167. The logo centres on an icon that combines the now-ubiquitous “here” symbol with a speech balloon — a graphic rendition of the museum’s tag line, “Your stories live here.”


Semplicita, based on the 1928 Semplicità typeface, was chosen for the three site wordmarks and the Museum's communications. It is geometric with humanistic overtones. It’s M especially is redolent of ancient type carved in stone. Semplicita was designed by Canada Type (appropriate for a museum that celebrates local stories) and is clear and distinctive.

In addition to a quarterly brochure that highlights exhibits, I design banners, bus ads, postcards, social media graphics and other promotional materials for Guelph Museums.

Photo of bottle by Dean Palmer.
Designers Wall

Brewing Changes Guelph

For a fictitious beer label to promote the exhibition Brewing Changes Guelph, I researched the history of Canadian beer labels and pulled on stylistic elements from labels popular in the 1920s. The exhibition focused on women's unheralded role in brewing, so I drew an iconic image of a woman holding a beer glass in her right hand and hops and barley in her left, against the background of a ship, which transported hops and recipes from the Old Country. An old map of downtown Guelph forms the bottom part of the label.

I also designed the wall displays, including a look at the art of beer labels by Guelph designers. Designers of Guelph members Aaron Awad and Cai Sepulis contibuted art, as did illustrators Michael Byers, Nick Craine, Monika Hauck and Jay Stephens.


Lucile: Fashion, Titanic, Scandal

This ambitious 2016 exhibition was about Guelph-born Lady Duff Gordon (1863–1935), inventor of the fashion show, designer to the rich and famous, and survivor of the Titanic. We had only poor-quality archival images to work with, so I created an engraving effect to allow reproduction on large banners and used a contemporary hot pink for impact.


Guelph Pride

I was instrumental in the design and photo-editing for a timeline documenting the history of queers in Guelph and Canada.

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