Bookshelf owner Ben Minett, Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield and Friends of The Bookshelf chair Cort Egan look on as Judith Rosenberg of Torchlight speaks at the May 17 announcement of Elevate Guelph funding. Already, the community group was halfway to its $100,000 goal. 

Elevate Guelph

The Bookshelf is a primary reason my wife and I moved to Guelph in 1993, when we returned to Canada from Germany and wanted to settle in a smaller city than Toronto — but one that had a great repertory cinema.

However, people living with impaired mobility can’t visit this second-floor cinema nor take part in the many social, cultural and political activities that take place in Guelph’s vibrant cultural hub. And many of us who are mobile now will lose that mobility later in life. Inaccessibility also means that Guelph organizations that receive any government funding, from Hillside Festival to the University of Guelph, can’t make use of a space they would love to use.

However, at a time when most independent bookstores and cinemas are already struggling to survive, The Bookshelf hardly has the means pay for an elevator and the other renovations needed.

Hence #ElevateGuelph, a project of Friends of The Bookshelf, a group formed to raise the money needed to make this meeting place accessible to all.

We first met on April 17, 2019. Our goal was to rally the community and augment the $100,000 investment from The Bookshelf owners and $100,000 from the federal government to the needed $300,000. Within a month, I had come up with the project name and logo, which combines Braille for “up” with an arrow to represent the sihouette of The Bookshelf within a green elevator button.

This was a pro-bono labour of love.

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